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BLITZ forge their very own blend of Heavy, Speed and Thrash Metal.

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Out 30th July

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the awesome The Nachtmahr Sessions debut Demo by BLITZ on music cassette format.  

Rising from the ashes of recently defunct MIDNIGHT PREY and AGGREGATOR, this new Hamburg-based four-piece BLITZ has combined their different influences and forged their very own blend of Heavy Metal, Speed and Thrash Metal. Big melodies, high velocity, varied vocals and tastefully applied gang shouts merge into strong and concise material. 

Despite this being their first sign of life, the band entered renowned Soundlodge Studio and laid down the three powerful tracks on The Nachtmahr Sessions that show that there is a lot to be expected from BLITZ!

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Heavy Metal
Speed Metal
Thrash Metal
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