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The aggression of early thrash merges with lunatic cries of early grind and twisted contemporary Black Thrash.

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Out 29th July

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present INSURGENCY’s new demo “Primitive Shrines” on music cassette format. 

Five years after their “Militant Death Cult” EP and with a revamped line-up, UK-based INSURGENCY are back with a new 3-track demo. Combining the chaos of earlier releases with a more refined approach to performance and songwriting, INSURGENCY melds the speed and aggression of early thrash (Kreator/Sepultura/Dark Angel) with the lunatic cries of early grind (Repulsion/Terrorizer/Sadistik Exekution) and twisted song structures of contemporary Black Thrash (Slaughter Messiah/Nekromantheon/Antichrist). This shall pave the way for their upcoming debut album

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Black Metal
Thrash Metal
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