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HALLUCINATOR - Another Cruel Dimension deluxe edition CD

HALLUCINATOR - Another Cruel Dimension deluxe edition CD

Rabid first wave black, 80's death and the most extreme thrash metal - full Discography CD.

CD comes with sticker

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present HALLUCINATOR’s debut album “Another Cruel Dimension” as an enhanced deluxe edition on CD format.  

These Oakland, California based maniacs have devoted themselves to a rabid mix of first wave black metal, 80's death metal and the most extreme thrash metal. Think of a rampaging mélange of Tormentor, Repulsion, Kreator, Morbid and Death. This should make any 80s extreme metal fan want to take the trip and Hallucinator will lead into the darkest corners of human consciousness 

This deluxe CD edition includes their 2020 “Another Cruel Dimension” debut album as the center-piece, enhanced by the new ep “Nightmare Idol” which came out in 2021 as well as their 2015 “Primeval Power” demo. A total of 22 songs with a playing time of 73 minutes!  Are you strong enough to withstand the primeval nightmare which is Another Cruel Dimension?     

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Black Metal
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
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